Casa Gilda Sorrento


Start from Sorrento to discover the beauties of Campania!

Sorrento is a place of unique beauty, but it is not the only attraction for those who stay there. If you like excursions, the Gulf of Naples offers numerous interesting places which will further enrich your vacation.

To spend your vacation in Casa Gilda, in the heart of Sorrento, means to live the City of Mermaids in the fullness of its beauty. But for those who book for a longer stay, it is almost obligatory to visit the many fabulous nearby places.

Sorrento Marina GrandeIn one of the many pleasant days that Sorrento can give you, we suggest you board a hydrofoil to Capri. The blue island is world-renowned not only for its beautiful blue sea, the faraglioni rocks and the Blue Grotto, but also for its picturesque alleys and fashionable places. Not only boutiques, but prestigious restaurants will welcome you as well on this island which is so well-loved by celebrities.

Positano is another essential stop. This little pearl embedded among the rocks is an exceptional place whose pastel-colored houses give you special emotions at first sight. The city famous for “Positano Fashion” offers so much from the natural point of view– the Lattari Mountains which dominate it create a breathtaking effect with their cliffs dropping dramatically into the sea, ideal for lots memorable photographic shots.

Amalfi is just as close, but no less beautiful. What was once a Seagoing Republic is now a tourist destination of indisputable value thanks to its monuments such as the Duomo of Sant’Andrea the Apostle and places where nature has created unforgettable backdrops such as the Fiordo di Furore or the Emerald Grotto.

If you love history and culture instead, or even– why not?– mystery, then the excavations at Pompeii and Herculaneum are an essential stop. One can arrive at these places where time has stopped and where the evidence of ancient Roman cities leave pleasant memories of charm and splendor in those who visit them in less than a half hour.

VesuviusIt is a step back in time which can also be continued in Naples where churches, museums and monuments tell the history of art from the point of view of one of the most beautiful cities of Italy.

When one decides to visit the surroundings of Sorrento, one has a vast set of choices; but one must not forget the many themed itineraries which are possible. Lovers of trekking, for example, can find numerous options for adventures with one’s companions. The famous Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods) near Positano is an excellent example.

On the other hand, those who love to steep themselves in local flavors can enjoy numerous options. All the cities of the Gulf of Naples offer a variety of tasty dishes which must be tried just to live one’s vacation to the fullest.

Whether it is the classic Pizza, the mozzarelle, the Neapolitan Pastries, or the liquors of Sorrento such as Limoncello or Nocino, the Mediterranean flavors of these lands are an integral part of the culture of the place. As a result, to taste them creates a bond which will become indissoluble, even after one returns home.