From Passo Lavazè to Malga Ora

A quiet walk, which from the Lavazè pass allows you to reach Malga Ora, a beautiful balcony at the foot of the Corno Bianco.

Malga Ora, in the background the Corno Bianco d’Ega

The walk begins at Passo Lavazè, reachable by car on the SS620, which from the town of Cavalese goes up to the pass in about 15 minutes, after crossing the characteristic towns of Daiano and Varena.

The view from the pass is already very rewarding, as you are surrounded by the Latemar chain, the Pala di Santa, and in the distance, towards Passo Oclini, the Corno Bianco and the Corno Nero. In front of us there is also a lovely little lake, of used for sport fishing in summer and frozen in winter, making the panorama of the pass very characteristic.

The path that heads towards Malga Ora that we describe here is the most direct and recommended for a walk, it begins at the start of the cross-country skiing track, in the large car park in front of the Sport Hotel Lavazè. If desired, there is also the possibility of a longer ring, which can always be covered on foot from the Lavazè pass, and finally there is also an asphalt road that allows cars to reach the Malga starting from the road that goes up from Lavazè to the nearby Oclini Pass.

The walking route continues for a few hundred meters in the high altitude meadows, in the direction of the Corno Bianco, and then enters the woods, a still uncontaminated environment with suggestive views, which allows you to reach the Malga in about 1 hour at a comfortable pace.

The distance from the pass to the Malga is approximately 2.7km one way, with a total difference in altitude of approximately 80 meters of ascent and the same amount of descent: the altitude of the Malga is more or less the same as that of the Lavazè Pass.

The Malga offers an excellent refreshment point, the cuisine is truly excellent and a stop is recommended. In summer there are animals grazing in the surrounding areas, cows that are admitted to the stable in the evening, and often goats and Alpacas in the appropriate enclosures. A small playground completes the location, allowing children to spend the day too.

The excursion is therefore also recommended for children, and can also be done with trekking strollers.

Even if the route is simple, always on a well-trodden path, it should always be remembered that it is a mountain environment, therefore trekking shoes are an essential element.

In winter, if there is snow, snowshoes are recommended even if it is a feasible route even with adequate trekking shoes.

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